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Blowing is cost effective.

The bigger your job, the more cost-effective blowing becomes. You could use bulk labour (think, lots of labourers pushing wheel barrows) or a crane with bulka bags or a kibble. But a cheaper option is using a blower.

Blowing saves time.

Let’s assume you need to install 16m3 of soil into a difficult access site using bulk labour. This might take three labourers one day to complete. With EcoBlow’s blower truck, we can install the same quantity of material in just two hours.

Our blower is now available.

Our blower truck is the only one of its kind in Newcastle and the Hunter region. In fact, it’s the only blower of its size between Sydney and Brisbane. It’s brand new and we are now taking bookings. Make a booking now.

Blowing is less damaging.

Blowing sometimes makes sense even when access is not an issue. For example, if you don’t want to damage surrounding areas with heavy machinery. The only impact of using a blower is the operator walking around with the hose. No broken concrete paths to replace, no turf to replace, no gardens to repair.

Blowing accesses otherwise inaccessible areas.

Sometimes, you need to get soil, mulch or soft fall into really hard to reach places. These locations may have no machinery access or may be located high up in or on buildings. They may also be locations where you do not want to damage the surrounding grounds. While bulk labour, cranes and specialist machinery may be suited to getting your materials in, blowing is the most flexible.

Blowing reduces liability and risk.

We specialise in supplying and installing soil, mulch and soft fall. By engaging us, you can reduce your risks and liabilities by passing them onto us. Our WHS documentation is compliant and we are fully insured.