How Blowing Works2018-09-20T16:01:33+00:00


You request EcoBlow’s services.

Simply complete the Book Now form. We’ll contact you within 24 hours.


We’ll confirm availability.

We’ll call you to confirm quantities, the exact location where we’ll be installing the materials. We’ll double check distances and vertical distances. Please remember, we have 130m of hose. This is the maximum distance we can blow.


You’ll organise traffic control.

If necessary, you’ll need to organise traffic control. You may need to reserve a space for us to park the truck while in operation.


We’ll arrive and setup.

On the agreed day, at the agreed time, we’ll park our truck in the allocated space and setup. Setup takes about 30 minutes. Please make sure that we can run our hose to the installation location.


We’ll blow in your materials.

We’ll begin blowing in your materials. We typically blow at a rate of about 16m3 per hour. Please consider how long it will take us to blow your requested quantity.


We’ll clean up and pack up.

After blowing in your materials, we’ll clean up around the blow areas. Then we’ll pack up the truck and leave your site. We normally need about 30 minutes to pack up the truck.