Forest Mulch Blowing2017-10-24T08:38:49+00:00


Weed defence.

Our forest mulch is made up of 20-40mm wood chips. These relatively long chips create a strong air-filled mulch layer that prevents weed growth. The native timber chips are non-toxic and help create a good microbial environment in your soil.

Water retention.

Our forest mulch helps retain moisture in soil by creating a native layer of shade-creating wood chips. The large chip sizes and lack of fines also mean that the mulch will not repel rain (as some mulches do).

Disease suppresion.

Soil health is of critical importance to a healthy garden. Forest mulch is a highly porous mulch; it contains a lot of air by volume. This porosity helps air to circulate to and from the soil. It also allows rain to reach the soil.